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Quick Start

Let's get semantic searching, as promised, in 10 lines of code!

Gather Your Tools

  1. PostgresQL 15 with the Vector Plugin
  2. OpenAI API key
  3. Python 3.9 or above. We recommend Python 3.11.
  4. Optional: Java if you want to use Simon's built in OCR tooling

Install the Package

You can get the package from PyPi.

pip install simon-search -U

Connect to Database

import simon

# connect to your database
context = simon.create_context(
  "PROJECT_NAME",               # an arbitrary string id to silo your data.
                                # (store and search are per-project.)
  "sk-YOUR_OPENAI_API_KEY",     # must support GPT-4

  # postgres options. get these from your postgres provider.
  { "host": "",
    "port": 5432,
    "user": "your_username",
    "password": "password", or None,
    "database": "your_database_name"

# if needed, provision the database
simon.setup(context) # do this *only once once per new database*!!

The project_name is an arbitrary string you supply as the "folder"/"index" in the database where your data get stored. That is, the data ingested for one project cannot be searched in another.

You optionally can store the OpenAI key and Database info in an .env file or as Bash shell variables following these instructions.

Storing Some Files

ds = simon.Datastore(context)

# storing a remote webpage (or, if Java is installed, a PDF/PNG)
ds.store_remote("", title="Chickens")

# storing a local file (or, if Java is installed, a PDF/PNG)
ds.store_file("/Users/test/file.txt", title="Test File")

# storing some text
ds.store_text("Hello, this is the text I'm storing.", "Title of the Text", "{metadata: can go here}")

To learn more about ingestion, head on over to the ingest overview page!

Search Those Files

We all know why you came here: search!

s = simon.Search(context)

# Semantic Search
results ="chicken habits")

# Recommendation (check out the demo:
results = s.brainstorm("chickens are a species that") 

# LLM Answer and Extractive Question-Answering ("Quoting")
results = s.query("what are chickens?")

To learn more about search, including how to perform a boring keyword search or to stream your LLM output, head on over to the search overview page!

That's it! Simple as that. Want to learn more? Check out the items in the left side bar to learn about each of the main concepts outlined in this quick start document.