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Getting and Giving Help

Getting Help

The best way to get your questions answered quickly is by searching and posting on our discussion boards. Please do reach out! We love to hear everything from your questions, your feedback, or just to show-off a cool demo.

Are you a company/team looking to integrate this into your work? We would love to help. Please write to us: [email protected]; we would love to shape our tools to help you and provide support.

Giving Help

Would you be so kind to give us a star on GitHub?

We are a small open source foundry; if you would love to make Simon better, we would love your help. If you are willing and able to raise an issue, send a PR, or buy us coffee, we will be ecstatic.

Don't know where to start contributing? Reach out on the discussion boards, and one of us will be super happy to get back to you.