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Ingestion is the process by which you get data in and out of Simon.

Data Store

The Datastore object is the high-level API by which you can manage the data you have placed in Simon.

import simon

# context = simon.create_context(...)

# Create a data handler
ds = simon.Dataspore(context)

Storing Data

Datastore Provides three main ways to store data: storing local files, storing remote files, or storing raw text.

# storing a remote webpage (or, if Java is installed, a PDF/PNG)
hash = ds.store_remote("", 
                       source="{metadata: can go here}")

# storing a local file (or, if Java is installed, a PDF/PNG)
hash = ds.store_file("/Users/test/file.txt", 
                     title="Test File",
                     source="{metadata: can go here}")

# storing some text
hash = ds.store_text("Hello, this is the text I'm storing.", 
                     title="Title of the Text", 
                     source="{metadata: can go here}")

Each of the store functions take some text body to store as the first argument, and optional arguments title and source to identify the text.

For each of these functions, the default title is None, while the default source is the URL/path where the document came from.

While title and source are both strings, they have different uses as outlined below.

Each of the store_* functions return a string hash uniquely identifying the document. If two documents contain identical text (despite coming from different sources), they will have the same hash and will not be indexed twice.

Deleting Data

To delete a document, pass your Datastore object the hash of the document you wish to delet.

# hash = ds.store_text(...)

# delete the document identified by `hash`

Most of the search facilities of Simon will also give you the hash of the document it returns as a result, so you don't have to database the hash separately.

title vs source

title is given to the search engine and LLM to be indexed and reasoned about; source is a metadata field only given back to you to help you carry additional info.

Meaning, if you want something search-able, it cannot be placed in the source field as it won't be analyzed. Alternatively, if you want hold some info in the database which won't be helpful to the search algorithm, feel free to leave it in source.

We have three best-practice recommendations:

  1. Leave anything not semantically indexable (checksums, URLs, etc.) in the source field
  2. Feel free pack the title field with keywords to help the semantic indexing, and leave the actual document title in source
  3. We recommend making source a JSON encoded string

Advanced Concepts

Instead of ingesting a single document, a single webpage, etc. using Datastore, you can have deep customizations into the search functionality of Simon by changing how your documents are indexed.

Especially: if you are ingesting more than 1G of documents, we recommend you not use Datastore.

Head on on over to the custom ingestion document to learn more.